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Mansion Paris 7ème


Juliette Saier et Emmanuelle Blanc-Garin

For this sublime mansion in the sought-after 7th arrondissement of Paris, the two interior designers turned to LELEU in search of spectacular chandeliers. The "Pénéloppa" chandelier plays on styles and brings the final note to the large living room, in which the "Carmen" sofa in a Prune Bordeaux fabric is also admired. In the corridor, which separates the different rooms, four vintage "Gouttes" wall lamps are mixed with six newly edited "Goutte" wall lamps, for which Maison LELEU has reproduced the antique patina left by time... In the dining room, the "Florentin" table in matt walnut, revisited with an innovative system of extensions, offers the young owners the possibility of receiving 8 to 12 guests and the "Victor" chandelier subtly dresses the period ceiling.

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